Shell Expansion

by めんどりnegra

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  • Limited Edition Cassette

    All Sud Swap Audio Brewing backstock from 2015/2016 has been sold to Botanica1(US) & Seikomart(Japan). So if you're searching, please check the following sites to see what's still available.

    (1) Cassette Tape: hand dubbed (real time) on C-62 (music time is around 31 minutes per side) 1-sidded to panel full color j-card inside a Norelco case.

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Collaboration between Miami's Botanica1 & Sud Swap Audio Brewing. めんどりnerga empowers YOU to live to your soul's potential and beyond. At each level, the initiate gains an ever-widening sense of identity with larger and larger human groups, as well as a correlating ability to resonate their personal “shell,” aura or energy field with ever increasing areas of geography, or Pachamama. For example, at the first level you identify with your immediate family, local town and accompanying nature beings—the spirits of the local mountains, lakes or rivers. At the second level you identify with your state or province including the environment, and at the third level you identify yourself with your country and the spirit of its highest mountain, or biggest river or ocean. And so on.

A place of loving kindness and non-judgement

Released on digital by Botanica1, download めんどりnegra - Shell Expansion





released October 19, 2016

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Sud Swap Miami, Florida

Label & event series. Abstract audio. Craft community, DIY culture. Est. 2015

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